10 Greatest ‘Family Guy’ Look-alikes
What's it like to go through life looking like a well-known cartoon character? Luckily, most of us will never know. But these unfortunate individuals all have the dubious distinction of looking like characters from 'Family Guy.'
See the Cast of ‘Say Anything’ Then and Now
When one thinks of ‘Say Anything...,’ John Cusak, holding a boom box above his head and serenading Ione Skye with the Peter Gabriel song ’In Your Eyes' likely comes to mind.
But beyond that iconic scene, Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut is p…
Unbelievable Photos Snapped Seconds Before Disasters
Ouch is an understatement-you may just feel physical pain yourself after checking out these photos taken just seconds before horrible things happened to the people being photographed.
From a girl who unknowingly says "cheese" for a photo while her friends freak out over her hair being on fi…

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