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Mississippi Man Wakes Up In Body Bag At Funeral Home
Imagine this happening to you? What would you do an how would you feel? It's hard to even fathom, but is not as uncommon as you'd think, as a Mississippi man experienced just that. He was presumed dead and just when he was about to be embalmed he awoke in a body bag and made himself known.
Two States Vote To Raise Their Smoking Age To 21
Although they just legalized marijuana, Colorado joins Utah in the fight to make 21 the allotted age to purchase cigarettes. The legal age across the U.S. to purchase and drink alcohol is 21, so why are only two states considering the age increase for tobacco? Is this a good idea?
Meet Three-Year-Old Alexis, The Youngest Member Of Mensa
Most parents think their children are geniuses, trumping out all others of the same age when in reality they are mostly of average intelligence. That wasn't the case with Alexis Martin's parents, however. From the age of a year they knew their daughter was special and today she is three-ye…

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