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Danzig Release More 25th Anniversary Tour Dates
I've been on this earth for 25 years and thinking of all the things that have happened make a band who have been around the same length of time seem crazy to me. In all reality it really isn't though when you consider how fast time flies by. New Jersey-born quartet Danzig are just one of the many ba…
What The Royal Baby Should Have Been Named
It’s no secret by now but the tiny little royal brat has final been named. Prince William and the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton‘s baby will be known as George Alexander Louis.
If you are like me you think they made a horrible mistake
The Trayvon Martin Case Or Star Wars?
I really hope I’m not the only person who immediately made this connection but I understand the chances are pretty good that I am.
I walked into the break room today to see a stack of Metrolands sitting on the table. As soon as I glanced at the cover photo I automatically thought &ldq…

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