The Most Painfully Awkward Movie Sex Scenes of All-Time
We're tired of these glamorized sex scenes in movies -- the truth is that sex is awkward and weird sometimes, and we love when movies get it right. There's nothing quite like a painfully awkward sex scene in a movie, whether it's played for laughs or for discomfort. We've collect…
What Classic Movie Are You Missing Out On?
Eric Zane of The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has never seen "Poltergeist" & I have a friend who has never seen any of the "Back To The Future" movies. Me... Well I am a Real American Movie Critic, however I must confess, I have nev…
The Worst Oscar-Nominated Movies of All Time
Every year, when the Oscar nominations are announced, a considerable amount of time is spent debating who was snubbed. But for every film that was expecting to get nominated and didn't, there's a film that no one was expecting to get nominated and did. This is the story of those films. The…
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
Remember it is not just a day off from work and school. It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, As a former employee of Hollywood Video and the worlds most festive comedian, I feel obligated to suggest a movie for you to watch today.

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