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Possible Plans For Free Feminine Hygiene Products in NY Schools
According to an article posted by newyorkupstate.com, Governor Cuomo is planning on proposing legislation that would make high schools provide free feminine hygiene products for girls grades 6-12. Now whether you like Governor Cuomo or not, that's something to celebrate...
Work Day Distraction: Congrats To Spa City Handyman!
A big congrats to the guys of Spa City Handyman this week for winning the Work Day Distraction!! I caught Shawn, AJ, Ed, Dan, and the whole crew at work in Mechanicville, working hard on an apartment, and got to crash their day with a slew of tickets...
Capital Region Towns Among the Most Educated in Upstate New York
Kudos Capital Region - you got brains!  A trending post on newyorkupstate.com listed the 50 most educated towns in Upstate New York.  Among the Top 50 were multiple Capital Region towns, including:
Troy coming at #45
Scotia coming in at #32
Colonie coming in at #28
Albany at #19
Saratoga Springs at #4
A f…
Middle Class Movie Review: The Post, I, Tonya, & More
To rent, to download, or to actually spend money and go to the movies.... one of the many middle class questions.  Because let’s face it- if you’re middle class like me, the movies are expensive!!  Watch this week’s “Middle Class Movie …

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