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Q-Ruption Battle Of The Bands 2012 [PHOTOS]
On Friday night Savannah's was packed wall-to-wall with locals who came out for the bar's final weekend and to support three bands who were vying for the opening spot at this year's Q-Ruption Festival which is just six days away. Check out the photos below.
Jen’s Local Music Scene- The American Nightmare
We have all heard of the "American Dream"- the country's old-time concept of freedom, wealth and success that comes with hard work, regardless of age, gender, race or income. It claims that we are all created equal. Then there came The American Nightmare- a group of young men who worship h…
10 Questions With The Lost Sons
Four-piece rock band The Lost Sons hail from Stuyvesant, New York and are quickly rising in popularity. They have played at most of the local venues and have performed with a number of well-known bands such as Pop Evil, Saving Abel, Cold and Egypt Central. I have seen them a few times and they put o…
Frank Palangi’s New Year’s Teaser
Up and coming local rock star Frank Palangi is set to have an awesome year music-wise, and he is starting it out with a new year's teaser that is sure to get fans riled up with anticipation. Read on to find out what it is!

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