Drunk-Driving Level Could Be Dropped to .05
How much it "too much" to drive. We know the current legal limit is .08. What if it was lower and you could get popped for having 2 drinks in an hour, then driving?
Now I'm not condoning drinking and driving but The National Transportation Safety Board has voted to lo…
Can We Use Antibiotics To Treat Stupidity?
New study proves that the antibiotic called minocycline has a formally undiscovered side effects. These new discovered side effects are "improved symptoms of psychiatric disorders and facilitate sober decision-making in heathy human subjects"...
21 To Drink Coffee? FDA Might Create Age Restrictions
Many, many years ago the FDA approved caffeine to added to products. This was when soda drinks were being introduced to the market place. With the way more and more products are being released with caffeine infusions, the FDA worries about the health effects on children.
Is There A Safe Form Of The Drug Ecstasy?
If Ecstasy has an active ingredient it's Molly (known as MDMA by the law enforcement agents). And as most drugs Ecstasy tends to be cut (mixed) with fillers. These fillers can be anything from heroin, cocaine, caffeine, ephedrine, baking soda, baby laxative, PMMA, and who knows what else..…

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