Which Is Better To Wake Up To: Coffee or Morning Sex?
Which is better to wake up to: Coffee or Morning Sex?
If you said Sex, you are in the minority. Not kidding either.
When it comes to the first thing you see or do in the morning, which is better coffee or sex? A question that was asked by Méridien Hotels & Resorts in a recently com…
What Does Your Beer Choice Say About Your Dating & Sex Life?
This Saturday, it's Oktobeerfest at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds with over 27 different German and fall craft beers. This is the perfect time to expand your pallet of beer favorites by sampling them all.
Now, of course, some people have their preferences and refuse to shy away from them for any re…
Science Proves There Are Only 10 Actual Smells We Can Sense
So here's an interesting fact for you: Did you that human taste buds can only pick up 5 different taste (Salty, Sour, Bitter, Sweet, and Savory)?
Did you also know that our noses can only smell 10 scents? A recent study breaks down the 10 groups that we smell on a regular bas…

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