No Shave November – Nov. 1 Update
Today is the official start of No Shave November.
Yesterday was the last the day to clean shave and today starts the beard-growing process. You can still take part, just clean shave today and hide your razor/shaving device.
I chose to start a week early with my final clean shave being on Oct. 25.
No Shave November Begins Friday – Join & Donate Today
November is a special month in men's health awareness across the country. Many raise awareness for men's cancer with MOVEMBER, where you grow a mustache all month long. Others do so by participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, where you grow a beard all month without trimming or shaving.
Don't ask me how t…
New Underwear Filters Out Your Farts – Shreddies
We've all been there one time or another: you have to let a "silent but deadly" go but you try to hold it in so no one knows it was you. Those days might be long gone soon thanks to a new underwear line that can actually filter out your farts.

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