New Study Says Doughnuts Are Making Men Infertile
It looks like if you eat too many doughnuts you might find yourself infertile. Also in related news, if you eat too many doughnuts you never have to worry about being infertile because you will be a super fat sloppy mess who won’t be getting laid anyways...
9 Wacky People Who Show Up for Thanksgiving Dinner
Ah, Thanksgiving. Every family’s tradition is different, but some things always ring true. There will always be a motley crew of folks coming together to celebrate and slip into a tryptophan-induced slumber.
Here are the people who show up at Thanksgiving dinner...
Most Expect To Gain Weight Over Holiday Season
With Thanksgiving coming up, many people are thinking that they are going to "eat smart" during the holiday season. Let's face facts; that's a novel idea in thought but once that spread is in front of you, how can you say "no?"
With that in mind, many of …
Relaxing Weekends Are Actually Bad For You
Most of us can't wait for Friday because that means the weekend is about to start. You might have plans to lay around the house and do absolutely nothing and in your mind that sounds divine - However, it can actually be bad for you.
Do 30 Squats For Free Subway Rides In Russia
If you can do 30 squats you can ride the subway for free in Russia.  30 squats, what’s the point of even taking the sub way? If I’m going to do some aerobic exercising why not it do in the direction of which I am traveling.

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