No Shave November – Nov. 1 Update
Today is the official start of No Shave November.
Yesterday was the last the day to clean shave and today starts the beard-growing process. You can still take part, just clean shave today and hide your razor/shaving device.
I chose to start a week early with my final clean shave being on Oct. 25.
No Shave November Begins Friday – Join & Donate Today
November is a special month in men's health awareness across the country. Many raise awareness for men's cancer with MOVEMBER, where you grow a mustache all month long. Others do so by participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, where you grow a beard all month without trimming or shaving.
Don't ask me how t…
New Underwear Filters Out Your Farts – Shreddies
We've all been there one time or another: you have to let a "silent but deadly" go but you try to hold it in so no one knows it was you. Those days might be long gone soon thanks to a new underwear line that can actually filter out your farts.
Which Is Better To Wake Up To: Coffee or Morning Sex?
Which is better to wake up to: Coffee or Morning Sex?
If you said Sex, you are in the minority. Not kidding either.
When it comes to the first thing you see or do in the morning, which is better coffee or sex? A question that was asked by Méridien Hotels & Resorts in a recently com…

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