Two States Vote To Raise Their Smoking Age To 21
Although they just legalized marijuana, Colorado joins Utah in the fight to make 21 the allotted age to purchase cigarettes. The legal age across the U.S. to purchase and drink alcohol is 21, so why are only two states considering the age increase for tobacco? Is this a good idea?
It’s National Condom Week/Month!
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether you're going on a first date or not it's likely the romance will last all night and maybe even into the morning. Before you enjoy yourself, you have to protect yourself and all this week and month is National Condom Week so prepare yours…
29 Misconceptions of Alcohol Cleared Up
There are million and one different beliefs on alcohol. Everyone has their own from 'beer before liquor never sicker,' 'alcohol is a truth serum,' and what about the thought process behind 'breaking the seal.'
Thankfully, Mental Floss has released a video clearing up 29 …
Razor Industry Suffers Profit Lose Thanks To Beards
Movember & No Shave November are all apart of men raising awareness for various charitable causes throughout the month of November. I took park in this and found myself keeping my beard. A lot of guys are apparently with me in this as the razor industry are seeing a decline in sales;
Why Shiny Things Distract Us
Do you get distracted by shinny things? Do you find yourself mid-conversation drifting off to stare at a car driving by or someone's jewelry?
No, you don't have A.D.D. and you're not a neanderthal, but the route of your interest does come from early human needs.

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