10 Most Ridiculous Movie Death Scenes Ever
Few film experiences are more deeply satisfying than watching a psychotically disturbed villain get what's coming to them. It's one of the key emotional resolutions in all of cinema, so why, then, do so many, many films get this simple, primal act so terribly, terribly wrong?
5 Fun Ways to Reuse Your Halloween Pumpkin
You may have noticed a pumpkin or two around the neighborhood lately. Okay, maybe more than two. They're everywhere. This means you’ve probably fallen victim to at least a little bit of the hype and purchased some Halloween pumpkins. But what do you do with them in just a f…
‘Final Girl’ Horror Movie Tribute
With Halloween tomorrow, I'm sure you've watched a horror movie or two leading up to the holiday. There are many "stereotyped" characters in the genre, including the dumb blonde who falls when she runs, the first to die black, etc. One big stereotype in the genre is a rol…
5 Tragic Accidents People Thought Were Halloween Displays
Halloween has become a time for setting up gory scenes in your front yard and taking tours of scary haunted houses full of actors drenched in fake blood. Gone are the days of simply hanging a paper skeleton on your front door and carving a few smirking pumpkins. It’s getting scary out there. Especia…
How Many Calories Are in a Handful of M&Ms?
With Halloween on Thursday, reminders to eat healthy  are popping up everywhere. By everywhere, I'm referring to YouTube. Thank you to the lady who spends three minutes of her life reminding us that a handful of M&M's will net us 250 calories. Yeah, thank you!
10 More Unnecessarily Sexy Halloween Costumes
We get it now. The fact that Halloween has become a socially acceptable excuse for women (and some men) to dress as provocatively as possible without getting arrested isn’t some sad commentary on modern society. No, it’s much more than that.

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