Real Life Freddy Krueger Born On Halloween
If you are about to have your first or seventh child, when it comes time to pick a name for that child, you have to put much consideration into that name. Some parents go with simple, mostly common names while others like to go above and beyond with not-so common names.
You have to be careful of what…
Pro Wrestling Zombies [VIDEO]
It really doesn't get better than zombies who also happen to pro wrestle. I recently was involved in an event under the brand of Fight called Zombie Wrestling in Toronto.
Woman Makes Goat Noise While Assaulting News Crew
With today being Halloween, might as well highlight the worst costume on the planet. I mean seriously, lady in Washington D.C., if you're going to be a goat for Halloween, it's imperative that you dress up or it's not going to make any sense.
5 Ways To Avoid Giving Out Candy On Halloween
Halloween is not just the day when all the ladies get to wear skimpy outfits and the guys dress up like women gilt free. Halloween is still the tradition of children dressing up in costumes and ringing every stranger on their block's door bell begging for candy...

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