Favorite Easter Candy (Video)
Matt Stonie can keep his 100 Peeps and you can watch him eat them, but give me Jelly Belly's and caramel filled things all day long this Easter Sunday.
When I was a kid I would take a bite out of every piece of candy in my Easter basket, as I got older, I came to the conclusion that I did not li…
Shamrock Shake Done Right: Fast Food Hack
We all know that St Paddy's day is about wearing green, catching leprechauns and of course drinking a dangerous amount of green beer. What would March be without something else? I'm talking about the beloved Shamrock Shake!
Be sure to give your liver a break for a few weeks a…
New Ben & Jerry’s Cores (Video)
Just in time for Spring to ruin your diet, Ben & Jerry's have introduced 3 new Cores that you may not be able to resist.
I want to try Brownie Batter because I am a big fan of their Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I am always looking for a new favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor to sh…
When Late-Night Tacos Go Wrong
A couple of not-so-bright burglars totally unknowingly became the stars of one of the best taco shop “commercials” I’ve ever seen (and I come from SoCal so that’s saying a lot)!

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