Guy So Drunk The Breathalyzer Fails
Drinking and driving is never a good option no matter how many you've had.
This guy though - he was so drunk he was slurring words, talking to imaginary people, doing 55 mph in a post 25 zone, and the breathalyzer couldn't take a proper reading because his BAC was so high.
Buddy The Elf Arrested For Drunk Driving
The worst part about getting pulled over for drunk driving while dressed as Will Ferrell’s character from the movie “Elf” is your mug shot immediately goes viral. Thus is story of this Louisiana man Brandon Touchet.
Drunk Dude Passes Out In England And Wakes Up In Paris
I’m pretty sure this is pretty much the same plot as “Taken 3.” Getting drunk in one city only to wake up in another is like modern day time travel.
Nineteen-year-old Luke Harding of Manchester, England is a perfect example of this fun but expensive event.
Sock Loofah: A Genius Invention From A Drunken Mind
The drunken state of mind does not always lead to bad decision making. Once in a great while, someone who is too drunk to function properly can have a glimpse of brilliance. This is the story with my friend Mike about five years back when he invented the sock loofah.
Helicopter Bottle Opener [VIDEO]
China has seriously just raised the bar in the bottle opening game. “oh what’s that bro, you opened your beer with your flip flop? That’s cute because my home boy in china here is popping tops with his chopper left and right.

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