Man Intentionally Eats Human Toe
A Yukon man was fined $500 after he intentionally swallowed the human toe that comes served in the cocktail he had ordered. More importantly there are human toes being served in the Yukon as cocktails! I have always been a big fan of Canada...
No More Hangover! New Beer Hydrates As Your Drink
Hangovers. The worst part of a fun night out with friends, partaking in a live sporting event, or just an evening at home. They are the reminder of why you shouldn't drink so much without taking a break to drink water in between to stay hydrated.
That was until now.
Shark Week Drinking Game!
Everyone's favorite time of the year for television is here; SHARK WEEK.
Sure, watching sharks on TV for an entire week can be fun but how you can you make it a little more funner? Include a drinking game of course!

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