What Type of Drunk Are You? [Poll]
One of the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves when drinking is what kind of drunk they really are. Case and point a new study where most people believe they are a 'happy' drunk.
Saratoga Brewfest 2014 in Pictures
This past weekend hundreds of people came out to the 5th Annual Saratoga Brewfest. The event featured more than 200 different beers and some pretty tasty eating options. In addition to tasting beers there were also musical performances held by Hair of the Dog, Kung Fu, The Revenuers, and Flood …
New York State Wants To Ban Powdered Alcohol
Last month we told you about possibly one of the greatest inventions ever: powdered alcohol. Literally you can carry your booze in a powdered form. Just add water anywhere and you're good to go.
However, New York, the 'lets not have fun' state, says they don't want it here.

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