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Win Tickets This Week to see David Blaine in Albany!
Need a break from the work week?  How about getting your work place crashed- this week, by me- with tickets for YOU!  Celebrity magician David Blaine is coming to the Palace Theatre on June 26th, and you’ve got a shot to go!  David Blaine has been on national television and risen to the top of the m…
Tuesday, March 6: Tig’s Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (March 6) to Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour. He’s 72. Other rockers celebrating include Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio (64) and ex Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick (48).
Middle Class Movie Review: From 50 Shades to Mob Classics
It’s fun to be entertained, but movies aren’t cheap! Throw in refreshments on top of tickets and there goes a chunk of the paycheck! So leave it to Dan America and I to waste our middle class money and let you know what’s worth spending on- atrip to th…
Monday, March 5: Tig’s Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (March 5) to former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. He’s 48. Also celebrating today is keyboardist Alan Clark of Dire Straits (66).

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