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Friday brought us a brand new Joe stunt.  Producer Joes free sample A-hole.  Basically he went around to all those big box stores where they give out the food samples and acted like a huge dick.  Those poor elderly people.  Make sure you listen in at the end, because they got an email from one of the employees.

Producer Steve gets beat up quite often on the show for one reason or another.  Today was no exception for him.  He decided to send a photo of a cat with deformed face to the guys.  It didn't go over so well.  Turns out this situation is pretty sad because this cat needs a home.  They really let him have it after that fact slipped out.

One of the big grand slams in tennis is going on right now, the Australian Open.  Now tennis is usually pretty intense but Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters decided to get a little revenge on a reporter who thought she was pregnant.  She was not.  It is funny, and you can tell from it that she wasn't even really that mad.  Check out the video here.

This Sunday is the Conference championships in the NFL.  So the guys decided to go through on a Super Bowl bet where they would have to grow mustaches.  Unfortunately Producer Steve got the short end of the stick and has to grow one now.  Not a problem since he already had a full beard.  Look for photos of that coming later.

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