Yesterday's not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony has our country in an uproar.  Just how did this obvious murderer get away with killing a child?

Yesterday when I saw that Mrozek had posted the results of the Casey Anthony trial I was astonished when I saw the words Not Guilty.  How does this sort of thing happen?  Three years of this and now she gets to walk away.  No doubt she was out partying like the good ole' days as soon as last night.  Take a look at pics of the responsible parent right here.

Now I wasn't following the case as close as Mrozek was.  I would see bits and pieces of it on CNN or some other news station while at the gym, and right from the start I had no doubt that this woman was guilty.  I have never been more sure of someone being guilty since the OJ trial and he got off too.

This case, along with hundreds of others proves to me without a doubt that our judicial system in fact broken, and broken beyond repair from the looks of it.  Now this monster of a woman is back out on the streets.  I think that one of the stipulations should be that she has to have a hysterectomy so she can't have kids ever again.  Shame on her parents too for changing their stories and lying for their daughter.

The parents were the first ones to suspect her of killing the child.  Then they changed their mind?  Being so manipulative, Casey somehow convinced her parents of this outlandish lie that her daughter was taken by a nanny.  A bit fishy since she was missing for 31 days before anyone even called.  The victim of this continues to be little Caylle Anthony.  I hope that Casey Anthony gets whatever is coming to here.

This is the original 911 call from Casey's mother.