Casey Anthony was sentenced to 4 years in jail.  One year for every count of lying to police, and will be out on Wednesday July 13th due to time already served.  Now what does she do?  Vivid Entertainment would like her to do porn,  she could pose in Playboy or be paid $1 million dollars for the exclusive first interview. Whatever she chooses she will need to hide.  The trial that has everyone talking, and an opinion.  Casey Anthony was not found guilty of murdering her child only lying to police.  She will be out of jail in less than a week and will pay $1000 fine for each count as well.

Social networking websites have exploded with people weighing in with their opinions, but will Anthony have to fear for her life when she gets out of jail?

The Anthony family has received thousands of death threats,  17,000 people like the 'I hate Casey Anthony' on Facebook.  She is a high school dropout, has limited work experience and the family will have to deal with the allegations of her father and brother molesting her when she is young.

Either way, nobody knows who killed Caylee Anthony and thats the sad part.

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