Very early on Sunday morning Casey Anthony was officially released from prison, but I think she would have been better off in than out.

We have all been sucked into the aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial and the absolute travesty that it was.  Now, she is officially free, but she will not have an easy road ahead. I was reading an article this morning Yahoo News, and judging from everything that is going to come down on her, she may have been better off in jail!

Apparently she only has $537 to her name, and with the legal fees she owes that is going to quickly disappear, plus her parents want nothing to do with her.  That's surprising to me since they helped her get away with murder.  So with no money and most likely no where to go, how free is she?  It's never easy getting out of jail, but her road is going to be particularly difficult.

People do not like her and the media will be all over her.  Every step she takes, someone will be watching, and if I were her I would fear for my life.  You never know how far someone will go and being labeled a "baby killer" isn't exactly going to make you friends.

She may be out of jail, but she will be serving until the day that she dies.  Not to get all religious, but I'm pretty sure there is already a room for rent down in hell with her name on it.  I believe it's on the same floor as Hitler and Osama bin Laden.  Good luck you horrible bitch.