A new bill passed in New York now requires auto shops to conduct inspections on window tint before approving vehicles for operation.

According to New York Upstate, an existing state law already requires that at least 70 percent of light can get through your vehicle, but up until now auto shops didn't have to measure window tint before approving inspections. The new state law was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday. State Senator John DeFrancisco said, "Dark tinted car windows can inhibit drivers from making necessary eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers. They can also place law enforcement officers in jeopardy when making traffic stops because they cannot see what activity is occurring inside the vehicle." According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, it is also illegal to sell or install glass that does not comply with the law.

This really bums me out. Isn't there other stuff more serious to concentrate on rather that car window tint? As I guy who has a car with tinted windows and that commutes back and forth to work on the Thruway each day, this news sucks. I have already been pulled over on several occasions so far this year due to my tinted windows. I never asked for the tint, it's the way the car was when I bought it. That being said, I must say that I think my ride looks pretty badass with the tint, and I will not be happy having to remove it. Guess it's time to get it taken care of, and avoid getting more traffic tickets.  :(