cardboard boxes

In Downtown Albany Washington Avenue at State Education building was closed down Earlier Thursday morning after a suspicious package was spotted on the front steps. After police crowded the area closing down the Washington Avenue between Swan Street to Hawk Street it was discovered that the “suspicious package” was just a box from Xerox.

Thanks a lot jack hole who bombed the Boston Marathon. Not only have you unleashed unimaginable tragedy to millions and destroyed lives, but now you have increased the fear level of everyone. It was nice when Americans could see a box on the steps of their home or office and get excited. “What’s that a box? Oh yay I totally forgot I ordered something from Amazon. Wonder what it is?” now when tragedy emerges, suddenly everyone is on end. “Is that a box? On no call in Mr. T and the A team”!

Nothing personal, but I hope you get Lupus, or some disease that causes your colon to fall out of your butt like a pink sock. Then maybe you get slowly run over by a semi truck pink sock first.