There are certain things that every upstate resident needs to have especially in the winter. For example a snow brush.

As you may have noticed mother nature was so kind to dump yet another load of wintery goodness on us today.  When I started in this morning it was hardly raining so when I jumped into my brothers car I didn't think twice.  Why was in my brothers car?  Let me start off by telling you we swapped cars for the weekend while he went down to Philadelphia to visit his girlfriend.  I let him take my car since it is more reliable.  My brother is a very smart man.  A college graduate and everything.  He always did better in school than me but sometimes I question his logic.  Now don't get me wrong I would take a bullet for the guy, but right now I need to toss him under the bus a little bit.

So I arrive at work and all the snow starts to fly.  Around noon I head out to dig out my car and clean it off a bit and start my epic quest to find his snow brush.  Not in the back seat, maybe the front? Nope, not there either.  Ahh the trunk!  Nope, dead end.  So I call him to which he tells me he has no snow brush. So here I am, my car buried under several inches of snow and no way to clean it off.  This seems crazy.  How can you live in Upstate NY and not own a snow brush?

So I head inside and ask our station engineer Bob O. if he has an extra one laying around. What do I get?  An old broken wicker broom.  I guess it's better than nothing. Looking at this I couldn't help but think about the awesome snow brush that is just laying  in my car down in Pennsylvania, where it's only raining.  I could kill the guy. A snow brush in one of the most important things you need in your car during the winter.  An ice scraper is another thing, not sure if he one of those either. So I take the old ass broom and head out to start cleaning off my car.  The pieces are falling off and I'm swinging the damn thing around like a winter warrior.  In the end, the broom worked, but I still don't understand how anyone in New York can drive around without a snow brush in their car. He told me that he has a broom at home and one at work so he just uses those.  My question is, what if isn't in one of those places?  His reply, I guess I should buy one.  Yes, yes you should.