Car accidents can be a high stress event. But reasonable people control their emotions and  remain calm through out the process.Other people flip out make threats and over react like this woman. Who explains to the officer, that after stopping at her stop sign she pulled out on to a busy road and made contact with another car. Because she stopped and for the fact the other driver came out of no where it was not her fault. Now I too would hate it if another car just materialized just in time to crash into me, but I have yet to see that happen. If that did happen I think I would be amazed, but still keep calm.

Here are few little factoids:

1. As long as you are in public and not on private property there is nothing stopping someone else from shooting you legally. Now you do need permits if you plan on blocking roads or doing something that might be a safety hazard. Such as big movie set or big photo shoots. Written permission is need when using someones likeness to sell product.

(I am not a lawyer so I would not use my simplified interpretation of the law in an actual law suit )

My experience with this comes from a photo shoot I did a few years ago for a band called Prospect Exit. The band was looking for an album cover that used the Green Island bridge. Again Joe citizen felt the need to jump into action and call the cops on me for illegally shooting in public. Unfortunately Joe citizen was incorrect in the assumption that what I was doing was illegal so I was free to carry on my sinister plan.

Prospect Exit,


2. Cops are not robots (yet) designed to jump at every order you bark at them. They are guided by that law. The law dictates what an officer can and can't do. Not you.


If this lady read this before her accident, I believe none of this would have ever happened.  Who am I kidding she is clearly off her rocker.
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