I asked and you answered. What is your favorite TV show. Take it how you want, all time or current. Here is the show that had the most comments.

TV and the shows we have now far and away exceed anything in years past. I mean every time period and generation has a few good shows. But I think we have so many very, very good shows now. So many it makes it hard to pick if you are indeed choosing a current show as your favorite. So to the person who put re runs of Roseanne because everything else sucks. I disagree.

Now many voted shows like Walking Dead and of course American Horror Story. I still need to catch up and see the first episode of the recent season of that. However those shows didn't garner the most comments.

The one that did features the lives the Gallagher family. Shameless for the win. Totally binge watched all 7 seasons in about a month. Just saying.