If you're just waking up this morning the blizzard that was jumping up the east coast hit us hard last night.  A foot or more of snow expected by it's end.

Those of you wishing for a white Christmas were out of luck, but that inevitable "S" word has found it's way to us.  We have about 5" of snow right now (6:00am) with more to come.

It is effecting everything from travel to football. The Storm rocked the City of Philadelphia forcing the NFL to postpone the game between the Eagles and  Vikings until Tuesday.  If you were planning on flying out of pretty much anywhere in the Northeast you were out of luck because hundreds of flights were canceled as of yesterday afternoon leaving people stranded.

It will be tapering off by late morning leaving us with some left over snow showers for the rest of our day.  In the immediate Capital Region we can expect 8"- a foot of snow.  The New York City area could see over a foot and New England may see up to 18".

For up to date school closings and delays click here.  Stay tuned to Q103 for traffic and weather updates all morning.