Whenever we get a spring snowstorm, the bitching and whining can be heard from Selkirk to Saratoga.

"I'm sick of this crap weather." "Friggin snow, it's Spring" "I just want it to be warm."

If you are one of these people I would like to give you some options where you can go to enjoy the warmth of Summer all year long.

Florida..just watch out for those pesky house eating hurricanes and occasional tornadoes.

California..oh don't mind the earth, it's just "quaking". Texas...warm, barren..and a top vacation choice for Mexican Drug Cartels. Hawaii..it's shores may soon be "glowing" with Japanese nuclear joy! Seriously, a snowstorm in March/April is gone in a day. So buck up Capital Region or keep bitchin and I will be happy to pack your bags.