Can't shake those feelings you had about your ex? There is one sure fire way to keep your eye on them. Just hide a video camera in their room.

You've heard it before. 'There are plenty of fish in the sea'. Perhaps you don't want those other fish. Perhaps you are dangerously obsessed with just one fish, but that other fish doesn't care for you. Do what this guy did, and set up a video camera and secretly tape your ex for almost two years.

According to The Paper in Pryor, Oklahoma, 38 year-old Pascual Ignacio Espinoza II had been video taping his ex-wife for 16 months without her knowing.

Espinoza set up a camera his ex's bedroom, and had videos of her sleeping, naked and more. He claims he set the camera up after their divorce was final, and was concerned for his ex-wife's safety. Sure, that's why you set up  a camera in the bedroom and pointed it near the bed, it was a 'safety' thing.

Obviously authorities didn't buy any of that crap, and he's been charged with burglary and being a peeping tom. So let that be a lesson. If you can't get over that special someone, resort to being a totally obsessed creep. It's a sure way to get them back - or end up in jail.

[Via The Paper]