Glow in the dark money?  Imagine going to see a movie this weekend and as you reach in for a handful of cash to pay for your ticket, pull out a pile of loot that glows in the dark.   Though it would be midly entertaining to see ol Monte try that and be hauled off by security, this funny money is actualy legit! 

The new Canadian quarter is legal tender and actually gloes in the dark!  One side shows a dinosaur in the light but in the dark, you see the skeleton of the dinosaur.  The first coin to ever show two images on once face.  Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a dino that lived roughly 70 million years ago but was not discovered until about 50-60 years ago, was discovered in Alberta.

Sadly, the coins won't be circulated!  A limited edition of 25,000 will be printed and starting tomorrow, you can picked one up for $29.95.   A little pricey for a quarter - but come on, it glows in the dark.  Oh the endless bar bets that can be drummed up with one of those. 

Do you think we'll ever have glow in the dark money hit the capital region any time soon?