Our neighbor to the North has decided that the penny in no longer useful, and they are stopping the production of it.  How long before the USA does the same thing?

When was the last time you used a penny?  Scratching off a lotto ticket doesn't count.  As far as currency goes, unless you're an old lady at a grocery store looking to pay in exact change, it's pretty useless.  Canada beat us to the punch on that one, and they will no longer be making the penny.

According to the USA Today, it costs more to make a penny than it's actually worth in Canada.  Naturally it only makes sense to cease production on something that costs more to make than it's actually worth.  So how much money is the USA wasting on producing the penny?

If it was decided tomorrow that we would no longer have a US penny, would you miss it, or would you just miss the useless change in the cup holder of your car?  Personally, the only thing I would miss is them playing penny can on 'Cougartown'.