I didn’t believe it at first but over the weekend I spent 33 minutes trying to tear a Canadian Twenty in half. I felt like I let America down that night.

I was in Buffalo NY for a wrestling show and one of my friends who is from Canada was pulling out his money when he asked “have you seen one of these Indestructible 20s”? He handed me a bill that felt more like plastic then paper. I spent a good half hour trying to rip his stupid Canadian money in half. After I couldn’t do I came to the conclusion that either the money was fake or he him self was a witch!

After I got home from the wrestling trip I searched this Canadian “voodoo magic” money and found that they are in fact real. Well, real too Canadians at least. This was comforting to learn because now I know my friend is not a witch. Also I think this is a great idea that America can adapt. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to do laundry but just didn’t feel like emptying my pockets. If I could skip the step of taking the money out of my pockets I could save time and money.