People continue to prove that they can't be trusted. In order to maintain some order, the Albany County Jail is introducing a new video visitation system where people can visit their loved ones in prison right from their own home.

When you're sent to prison, it's because you have proven that you cannot interact in society. In the old days, that meant no or limited privileges. However inmates in the present day have it pretty good, considering they are criminals.

Unfortunately, a few have ruined it for the many. Because several inmates in Albany County Jail have tried to smuggle in contraband, and even tried to escape. Now, they are going to try and reduce that by taking away visitation rights - at least in-person visitation rights.

They will launch their new video visitation program in about six months. So what does that mean? it means that there will be a whole lot of phone sex going on in the jail. When you think about it, it might be easier than allowing conjugal visits. Just give someone a room, a video phone and let them take care of business.

[Via FOX 23]