Drugs, as usual, played a big part this past weekend with Camp Bisco goers. Around 50 people were taken to area hospitals, many admitted due to drug overdosing.

28 people were taken to St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam; many with drug overdose. According to hospital sources, one person even ended up on a ventilator. That person was thankfully taken off of it and late released. The drugs of choice? Heroin, LSD, and Ecstasy.

22 patients ended up at Ellis Hospital. Nearly half of those were drug and alcohol related admissions. Others were treated for sprains or cut.

All of this even though the organizers of the event say this year was safer compared to last year It should be noted the same amount of people were admitted to area hospitals during the 2012 event. You might remember last year a Schenectady woman ended up paralyzed and unable to communicate after attending the festival. She was said to have consumed alcohol and ecstasy while there. Her family is suing the event's organizers and Schenectady County saying the woman did not receive the proper medical attention.