To send nude photos to a minor is wrong in the first place, but to do it on a website that monitors for things such as nudity is just plain stupid.

29-year-old Joshua Brophy is in some serious trouble after it was discovered that he had sent nude photos of himself to a few minors via Facebook. This was a bad decision all the way.

If you are trying to solicit sex from a minor, that's a crime in itself. To send them a nude photo takes it to another level. Now you're in trouble for endangering the welfare of a child. The girls that Brophy sent the pictures of his sausage to were 14, 15 and 16. At this pattern, he would have at least gotten to  a legal girl eventually, in theory.

Can you really be surprised by this? Look at this guy. Creeper face, equipped with some really awful facial hair, and a Green Lantern shirt. No one should be shocked that this dude was sending nude photos to anyone. The police even suspect that he may have sent his glamor shots to other girls too.

[Via WTEN]