I often wonder if these failed burglars have access to the internet or not. I feel like with a combination of YouTube and CSI you can have an endless supply of what NOT to do. And if you look on the list of what NOT to do when robbing someone, I’m pretty sure running into a plate glass wall is in the top 5.

Now let’s focus on the friend who was helping in the video. He is both a good and terrible friend when you break it down. On one hand he was not smart enough to keep the sliding glass door open so his buddy can dart right out and not end up bloody and unconscious. But on the other hand he managed to stop laughing uncontrollably long enough to try and drag his battered friends caucus through the shards of glass to attempt a half ass get away. Over all I give this failed robbery a 6 for the attempt and effort, mainly because of the athleticism on the runner. But they failed to stick the landing and that’s going to cost them a score of 2. Not enough to make it to the big leagues guys. Better luck after your 6- 8 months break.