Like it spicy? Over in Bristol (UK) there is a burger that is so hot, the diner requires you to sign a disclaimer and show ID before you can even order it. That's because The Atomic Fallout Pizza Burger's sauce is a mix of two of the hottest chilies in the world; Scotch Bonnet and Naga Bhut Jolokia.

The mound of meat and bread clocks in with three 18 oz beef patties, 18 oz of cheese, and two deep fried slices of pizza. Oh, and a triple side of chili fries. (Side note: I really don't want to see the calorie count on this thing)

What happens if you actually finish it? You'll be added to the "Top 100 Wall of Flame" and, of course, a T-shirt stating your accomplishment. Which I'm sure you'll need after all that sauce drips all over you while eating the burger.

The restaurant owners asked that those who want to try it that they are over 18, sign a disclaimer  and have "sound mind and judgement."

So, if are ever overseas and want to put your mouth on fire be ready to plop down $40 (US) for the burger.