Being a parent must be challenging enough for everyday people, but being in a rock band must see it's own unique challenges.  Matt Tuck talked fatherhood with Noisecreep.

According to Bullet for My Valentines Matt Tuck, fatherhood has been a "life-changing" things.  Not that, that revelation is surprising or anything.  He sat down with Noisecreep to talk fatherhood and current success on the Uproar Tour. So how has it been for him as a father and being on tour not seeing his biggest fan?

It's heart-melting and heartbreaking at the same time because I miss him a lot, touring America as long as we have this summer while he's home in England.

Tuck will soon be reunited with his son as the Uproar tour is wrapping up.  Turns out that his son is quite the B4MV fan too.  Apparently the 17 month old really gets into it whenever he hears, though Tuck adds that "he doesn't know it's me, but something connects with him".  That has to be pretty cool.

The Uproar tour has done some big things for the band too.  They have become more popularand has Tuck notes in the interview the meet n greets and signings have been out of control lately.  You can check out the complete interview with Matt Tuck at Noisecreep.