I’m no political genius, but that certainly doesn’t sound good. I hadn’t quite woken all the way up yet, but that was the first thing I remember hearing Robin Meade say this morning when I flipped on CNN Headline news. (Btw, isn’t Robin adorable?) Anyway, Budgets… Yeah, they suck! Has the right thing ever been done when trying to reach a budget? I don’t know. I think that maybe things were done properly in the infantile stages of the US government but sense then, it’s probably just been a lot and masking and dusting under the rug. Like the way Obama claims that unemployment is lower when it’s really worse, it’s just that he’s not counting all the people that have run the course on unemployment services and collect anymore.

 I’m sorry, back to the point. The big news is if Republicans and Democrats can’t reach an agreement quickly, parts of the Government could shut down for 6 months. To some of us that might not sound like a bad idea, but one of the first things to come to a halt would be returning people’s taxes. Again, politics is not my forte. I recommend you click here to see and hear it from someone who’s probably more qualified to talk about this stuff.