Buckcherry is on a European trek right now, but they continue to work on new material to follow up 2010's All Night Long.

You can't stop the writing process!  Buckcherry my be on the other side of the globe right now but they are hard at work on a new album.  It will be hard to top the energy of All Night Long, but I'm sure the Buckcherry guys have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Espyrock.com recently sat down with Josh Todd and Keith Nelson to talk about what is next for Buckcherry and as it turns out they have a whole lot left in the tank.  These guys don't seem to take a break.  All Night Long hasn't even been out a full year and they are already working on new stuff.  No rest for the wicked I suppose.

Things are coming along good. We're having fun and we've got around five demos mopped up but it's still very early and we need to get everyone in a room and just jam.

-Josh Todd

No details as to when these guys will have the new stuff ready for us to hear, but knowing they are hard at work leads me to believe that before the end of 2011, we shall have the new Buckcherry album.