Bag, purse, clutch, I don't know what to call them, but I know ladies love them. However they are also very particular about them it seems.

A woman stole a purse out of a shopping cart at the Price Chopper in Brunswick, and was even allegedly caught by surveillance cameras (they're everywhere!) in the act. Of course, a video still means you have to find the person, it's not like you have their address.

The purse was returned to its owner four days later, $400 lighter, by mail, a system that usually includes a return address. She has since been arrested and admitted to taking the purse.

I'm so confused by all of this. Was there a change of heart? Did she think she could make up for her actions in some small way? Maybe the purse wasn't her style. Did she think, "There's $400 in here. I'm not gonna press my luck?" The world may never know.