If you are part of the British Royal Family, you have to be good at a few things. Waving, smiling, and wearing some real goofy hats.

Not really sure why these Brits love their hats so much, but they sure do wear them a lot. Whenever they go out in public they seem to put on some sort of hat. It doesn't seem to matter if it's big or small either. Perhaps it's a statement as to where they sit on the societal ladder?

Kate Middleton is gorgeous, but her hat wearing is out of control. They seem to just be getting smaller, too. The only time we see these kinds of ridiculous hats worn is while the track in Saratoga is open. Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, seems to be going opposite of Kate, and her hats are getting bigger. What ever happened to royalty wearing crowns? It's not just the royal women either, the men have gotten in on the hat action as well.