Yeah... Brian Williams and I are going to be at The Low Beat tonight, he is going to watch me do Stand-Up Comedy. Then we are going to go hang out with Gordon Shumway for Extraterrestrial Culture Day. 


The first time Brian came with me to the Low Beat, we were drinking cat coffee, he told me that he was feeding his cat one day and accidentally fed his cat coffee beans. It was the only coffee he had though, so he had to wait for his cat to pass the coffee beans. Then he collected them, washed them, put them through the grinder and brewed some coffee. He said that he found that it was the richest, smoothest cup of coffee he had ever tasted. So I decided to turn it into a bit for my Stan-Up Comedy act, he told me that I could under one condition. That I run head first into the Low Beat sign and fall down.

The second time Brian came out with me to the Low Beat, he told me that I was kind of weird. So I told him that I am not weird and that he is, we argued back and forth about it, drinking cat coffee of course. Eventually I decided to turn our conversation into a bit and to that he said "You know the price."

The Last time I was at the Low Beat with Brian, I was on my crusade to save Thanksgiving from Black Friday. It almost did not happen, because the Chinese found out. As Brian and I were sipping cat coffee at my apartment, we were ambushed by Lu Bu!

Cao Cao and Liu Bei hired Lu Bu to end my rebellion so that Americans will keep buying things that are on sale and made in China. Lu Bu charged Brian with his Muso attack, then Brian said "Ee Nay Chuck."

Brian turned into a giant! and was able to fend off Lu Bu and knock him out, although it looked like he killed him.

I thanked Brian for saving me, so I could go and tell the folks at the Low Beat about my crusade. So Brian said to me " Sense I saved you, you know what you have to do again?"