The AC/DC front man talks about the man he took over for in an interview with USA Today and in his brand new book.

Since taking over for the late Bon Scott, Brian Johnson has been nothing but humble.  That has continued for more than 30 years now, and in his new book Johnson discusses his life as a rocker and even touches on his history with the late singer.

The USA Today did an interview with Johnson to talk about his new book, which he was really inspired to write after several friends told him that he should.  It's a great choice too because if you have ever seen an interview or talked to Johnson he has a really great story teller ability and sense of humor.  Too bad he has such a thick accent you can't understand him.  Good thing he decided to write it down.

Johnson had some really cool things to say about Bon Scott too.  He talked about how Scott opened for his band Geordie back in the 70's before he joined up with AC/DC.  Apparently Scott always had some really great stiff to say about Johnson which stuck in the heads of the boys in AC/DC, so when they were looking for a new singer they knew exactly who to turn too.  When he was talking about Bon, Johnson had this to say about him as a musician and performer:

I think he embodied everything that was fun, everything that was like 'never say die, live life to the full...I just won't have a bad word said against him. We still talk about him like he's a member of the band in the dressing room.

He even touched on the prospect of AC/DC touring again.  He said that the option is there, but they could never do another 2 year venture like they did for "Black Ice".  The tour really got to all of them physically, and they will be on a break for a while.