Another baseball season has gone by and yet another big name, and well awarded player has tested positive for some sort of drug use.  National League MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for PEDs according to ESPN.

Baseball has been my favorite sport since I could walk.  I love to watch it and when I was a kid I lived to play it.  It pains me to think that most of the baseball I have watched has taken place in the "steroid era", but with this latest news it makes me wonder if things will ever change.  It's being reported right now that in late October of this season Milwaukee's Ryan Braun tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs. Oh baseball, you have let me down again.

To top it all off Braun won the NL MVP this season, and that came a MONTH after the failed test.  A test that MLB knew about and still handed him the award.  Can you believe that?  I have always been an advocate that baseball is in fact Americas Game, despite the popularity of football.  Now though it makes me wonder, can baseball compete with all these players juicing up?  When these reports come out it tends to turn people away, and baseball can't really afford to turn any more away.