Maybe he will actually hang it up for good this time.  He never used the word "retirement", but #4 did say that it's time and has no regrets. If Brett does call it quits this will be the third time in his career and at this point even Michael Jordan is going come on man enough is enough.  Favre only played in 1 of his last 4 games due to injuries and I think after being slammed around at 42 years old he has finally come to his senses.   I know it will be hard but let's not judge Brett on the past few years, let's remember that excited kid jumping around Lambeau Field after a game winning touchdown pass.  He may have never said the word "retirement" but I think he is finally ready.

It's time. I know it's time and that's OK. I hold no regrets. I can't think of too many players offhand who can walk away and say that.

-Brett Favre

Now Brett has no regrets as far as his play this year with The Vikings but do you think he regrets this?