Poison is getting ready to head out on a big summer tour with fellow 80's rock icons Motley Crue, but for some reason Nikki Sixx won't let bygones be bygones and keeps acting like they are still trying to make it on the Sunset Strip.

Back in the day, Poison and Motley Crue were two bands trying to make it in the glam metal scene in the 1980's.  Flash forward to present day and everyone knows who they are and they have massive albums and multiple hits world wide.  Respectively two of the biggest bands in the world still to this day.

Also back in the day they were rivals in a music business over saturated by every glam rock band with big hair.  They didn't like each very much and of course negative things were said by both parties.  Bret Michaels though, has grown up and totally acknowledged Motley Crue's accomplishments and gets along rather well with lead singer Vince Neil.  I guess that Nikki Sixx didn't get the memo that the two of them get along now and are co headlining a tour this summer because he is still shooting off negative comments about Poison.

According to Michaels, Sixx apologized to him for some of the negative comments that he had made about Michaels and his band.  Once that "apology" went public though, Nikki quickly took it back saying that he really just told Michaels that he never had anything against Michaels personally, but Motley Crue thought Poison as a band sucked.

Seems a bit juvenile to me.  I think Nikki might be worried about his "rock cred".  If he comes out an apologizes to a band that he use to bash all the time maybe his fans won't think he is as bad ass.  I think that at their ages (and the fact that they are touring together) putting the past aside is a good idea.

Motley Crue and Poison are going to be at SPAC July 23rd.