I love PetSmart. There's one right near my house and my dog and I love to walk over and browse through the store. They have the cutest stuff for pets and it's fun to see the dogs interact. Poison front man Bret Michaels has partnered with the store to launch his own line of pet products which he appropriately named "Pets Rock," which they do. Watch his announcement video below.

Michaels' collection includes clothes, toys and beds for pets. It's awesome to see a rock star dedicate his time to animals- they are too often forgotten and unappreciated, when in reality they are better than most people.

I think this is awesome and so cute. Combining his rocker lifestyle with pets is a great idea because they deserve to be treated like royalty. Michael's was "Born To Be Wild" and his line allows his four-legged friends to "Bark To Be Wild!"