I heard a news story over the weekend where a woman who was "treated poorly" at a Target for breastfeeding her baby in the middle of the store.  They asked her if she would like to go to a private spot, which she replied no and then they asked her to leave.  So right or wrong?

Breastfeeding is a completely natural thing which most mothers take part in.  A woman in Texas was the cause of a "Nurse-In" when she was allegedly treated poorly when she decided to breast feed her baby in the middle of the store.  A nurse-in is when mothers gather and breastfeed their babies as a group in a protest.

The People at Target apparently asked her if she would like them to take her somewhere private to nurse her baby, but she did not want to and then I guess they asked her to leave the store.  I know that women breastfeed in public all the time, I've seen it done.  I don't understand when it comes to feeding time why they don't plan accordingly so that they are either in the car or home, because why would you want to pull your boob out in public anyway?

So was Target right or wrong?  Should the woman have gone into the private spot?