'OMG I just heard Kim Kardashian is at Colonie Center' rang from the bowels of social media yesterday as the 'The Braveheart of Creativity' brought his 'Yeezus Tour' to the TU. A tour that should have filled more seats considering Kayne West thinks of himself as the second coming of Christ. 

So back to the topic at hand. In the breaking news section of the Times Union a story appeared that basically said Kim Kardashian was not at Colonie Center:


Breaking news? So let me get this straight: The biggest paper in the Albany area, or at the very least the most recognizable, ran with a rumored celebrity sighting brought on by people who know more about celebrity, than say, warrentless wiretapping of U.S. citizens by it's own government? This is news? THIS?

We are, as a society, so far up the creek we might as well not care anymore. When your hometown paper puts more effort into showing you photos from a 'Bartenders Ball' in their 'Seen' section (which does very well for them with regard to page views) you might as well give up. See ya later, goodbye.

Thank you Times Union! I'm glad the mall was not closed down yesterday. I feel informed, very informed. Awesome work hitting the streets and grinding it out.