The decision has been made, and after this college football season Penn State head coach Joe Paterno will retire after 46 years with the school.

Since 1966 JoePa has been associated with Penn State University football.  Now after the reveal of a child sexual abuse scandal involving one of Paterno's long time coaches he has decided to retire, reluctantly or not.  At 84 years old, it was probably time to for Paterno to hang it up.  Now with his reputation on the line he has made that tough call.

The child sexual abuse scandal is one of the ugliest in sports history and many people are outraged at both Penn State and Paterno for not protecting children.  A lot of people called for Paterno's head, but in actuality he did everything he needed to do legally.  Morally, ethically?  Now that's a different story.  Bottom line, everyone at that school knew what Jerry Sandusky was doing, and they all need to be held accountable for his terrible, horrific crimes.  Sorry that JoePa had to be caught in the mix, but it's how the cookie crumbles.

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